Welcome Back 50 vs 50 – What Other Modes Could Epic Add to the Game?

Daniel Mills  /   May 12

Welcome Back 50 vs 50 – What Other Modes Could Epic Add to the Game?

Part of the fun of Fortnite: Battle Royale is playing against so many others. Watching 95-100 players descend from the Bus and fall down into the shrinking Earth below. But why are there still only 3 modes in the game? Solo, Duo and Squad. That’s it. Anyone who was around for the 50 vs 50 debacle knows that didn’t work. Now that the mode has been re-implemented into the game, hopefully balance has been restored.  

Regardless, this game has an insane amount of replayability with even 1 mode, let alone 5 with the limited Infinity Gauntlet mode. Surely, there are other modes Epic Games can put together for the future?

Of course there are. Breaking down the best way to utilize the map and the mechanics reveals the potential for so much fun. As Fortnite continues to grow, expect these or similar modes to appear. The competitive and multiplayer is so fun it demands more modes and versions! Right? Let’s hope so. Epic Games has yet to disappoint. As more seasons debut the game is bound to expand. So, to look to the future, hear a few modes that would be perfect for the future of Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Fortnite: Battle Royale Storm Map - Epic Games
Fortnite: Battle Royale Storm Map – Epic Games

50 vs 50 On a Smaller Map – Shrink the Storm!

Massive fights on a grand scale. What more could you ask for? Balanced teams and an easier layout, I suppose. 50 vs 50 is back, but it probably won’t solve all of the problems. Having that many players involved on a map of that scale is bound to end up with issue. Teams not being anywhere near each other; entire areas being camped by dozens of people. It makes the first 5 minutes of any match determined.

As of right now, all matches have player numbers that revolve around 100. But a lot of the potential Fortnite has comes in unlocking the game for smaller settings. Imagine a smaller map with half the players. Being able to coordinate much more easily and have the match be determined by skill and technique.

25 vs 25 vs 25 vs 25

That’s right. Imagine there being multiple teams along the world of Fortnite: Battle Royale. As shown with the Infinity Gauntlet mode, there are ways to divide the map by item drops. What if certain areas drop certain items, buffs or guns. Giving certain teams a different kind of advantage over others. As more interesting items like the Hop Rocks are added to the game, the variety can become an asset to expand the gameplay.

Color-coordinated team flags, or something similar, would need to be added. But that’s not a difficult task for Epic. Some of their Season upgrades or Mode experiments have required much more work than that. It would be difficult to get this sort of team going considering it won’t be evenly split into the groups of 4. But considering a few of us don’t like being lumped into those groups anyway, this could be a welcome reprieve.

King of the Fortnite: Battle Royale – Squad Mode

This could be the most exciting addition of all. One of the defining features of the game is in the name – fort. In the Main Game creating a Fort is literally the point. So imagine a Mode that’s geared more towards that customization. You place a team of 4 or 8 in a city like Tilted Towers, then close it off with a fence. Then surround the entire world with players whose only goal is to take down that city.

Obviously, those inside the city would be well-equipped and well-protected. But more importantly, it focuses on all of the aspects of the game that make it so unique. Including the prep time that comes with getting to a location, or city, first. When you’re able to set up traps, protection, towers, and explosives it’s an entirely different game. Utilizing every mechanic Epic has created.

When you think about it, these aren’t radical or fundamental changes to the game. These are fairly simple Modes that could easily make today’s Fortnite: Battle Royale an even more immersive and entertaining experience. Considering this is the game currently taking the world by storm, they probably don’t need to add anything. But these are just a few ideas, just in case.