Weekly Fortnite Tips 2 – Using Headphones, Colorblind Mode, Predicting the Storm’s Path

Travis Mccrackin  /   May 28

Weekly Fortnite Tips 2 – Using Headphones, Colorblind Mode, Predicting the Storm’s Path

Welcome to the second installment of our weekly Fortnite tips. We here at Launch Pad Gaming want you to have every advantage possible when facing your Fortnite foes. The competition can be steep these days.

Fortnite tips - Battle Royale

Use Headphones 

The use of headphones can make or break any Fortnite player. If you aren’t using them, you should be. Ideally, you’re already using them if you’re playing either squads or duos. The reason for this goes beyond being able to communicate with your teammates. With a headset, you can hear which direction noise is coming from, and act accordingly. That is, as long as you have them on straight! And be sure to configure them properly.

Colorblind Mode

This may not be the most ethical way to get ahead of the competition, but it isn’t exactly cheating either. All you’re doing is increasing the contrast between some key colors in order to make them more visible. This will help you to better see any movement you might otherwise miss. There are many different settings so choose which one works best for your eyes!

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Predicting the Storm

How many times have you made it inside the first circle and thought “How far can the next one be?” as you casually loot along the border only to be caught off guard by the approaching storm and the distance you have to cover? It’s happened to me quite a bit. There is, however, an easy way to track the storm’s movement. Lok for the next supply drop! It’s going to fall within the border of the next circle. You can tag it on its way down by shooting it.


Pro Tip: You can ride the supply drop balloon as it descends! Just grab a launch pad, build up, and land on the balloon! This can be an excellent way to surprise any would-be takers.

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