The Truth About Fortnite’s 50v50 v2

Bryana Gage  /   Apr 26

The Truth About Fortnite’s 50v50 v2

Credit: GameRevolution

Since Fortnite’s launch, players have been exposed to different, but intriguing modes – 20v20, 50v50, and High Explosives. After the first version of 50v50, EpicGames added a few changes – double buses, storm circle visible from the start, and increased loot – that has made this version way more fun to play. While Epic has worked hard on improving the game for all – players feel it’s a mode full of trolls.

50v50 v2 is Really 1v99

Since players know where the final circle is, everyone drops in the closest town to it. Once landing, it’s like a friendly Solo battle, because everyone is fighting for a chest. Fortnite is an aggressive game. Players know that going to big areas can result in them getting all or nothing. 50v50 is the complete opposite of solo, but rarely anyone is willing to help their fellow teammate by giving them a gun or shield subsequently allowing them to have some protection.

Even if you played it safe and landed in an unpopular area, you’re still likely to encounter some trouble.

The storm’s catching up with you so you start building and getting ready to use your launch pad but your teammate was one step ahead of you. He destroys your structure in mid-air causing you to fall to your death. He has 10 seconds to revive you or 11 seconds before he can take your stuff – he chose the latter.

Impulse. Impulse. Impulse.

Maybe you have more than your pickax. Or maybe you didn’t fall to your death on the way to safety. You get to the battlefield ready to fight for your teammates. You’re scoping out the scene when you start flying across the battlefield. Because your teammate just threw an impulse grenade at you.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Players are separated into two teams, dropping from different buses and, separated by a dotted line. If you were lucky and didn’t have teammates that troll, then you’re on the battlefield and its 35v9.

Which is why many players stopped playing this mode. They can deal with their structures being destroyed and getting impulsed off the mountain, but the thrill of winning a game without having to try wears off after a few rounds.

Why 50v50 is STILL GREAT

Although it’s a limited mode and being cautious is key, this is the perfect time for new players to get their feet wet. In the other modes, if you don’t understand the basics of using your gun or building structures, then you’ll die. Again and again and again. Until you start gradually getting better. But 50v50 gives you the safety of a big team, a chance to explore the map, and the confidence that you can win in any mode.

I say go for it while it’s still there! You might find yourself loving every part of it.