The Problems that Still Plague 50 vs 50 in Battle Royale

Daniel Mills  /   May 15

The Problems that Still Plague 50 vs 50 in Battle Royale

Well, it’s back. 50 vs. 50 Mode has once again come back into the fold of Fortnite: Battle Royale. But…something still feels wrong. The idea of 50 players fighting 50 players in the world sounds incredible. A potentially exciting adventure with a large team against another army! It doesn’t feel that way. For the first 2 Minutes of any 50 vs 50 Match, players may have a brief glimpse at the experience one expects from this Mode. But that quickly fades away.

Even as the 3rd version of this Mode has arrived, there are still quite a few problems that keep it from becoming a truly essential part of the game.

However, Epic Games has proven time and time again that Battle Royale is a work in progress. Since the entire game is in beta, it’s literally a work in progress. But there are certain issues that continue to arise. So much so, that it keeps 50 vs 50 from being a competitive Mode and makes it more of a Novelty. For a few minutes, players can find some fun. But for a multitude of reasons, that fun goes by the wayside.

As improvements are implemented, the Mode should improve. Until then, these are a few of the  major issues that plague 50 vs 50 Mode in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Matches Are Decided Too Quickly

One of the few additions to help 50 vs 50, was the addition of a small circle on the map. This was meant to help orient teams as quickly as possible and put them at ends against the opposing team, who’d be doing the same thing. That does happen, for a little bit. As a few players land in the designated area, it becomes overly populated. If your team manages to come together quickly, you’ll find 20 of your players will already be wiping out other players in the first 2 minutes.

Then, as the Storm shrinks, you’ll struggle to find any amount of enemy players while 40 of your own teammates are fooling around. If you’re on the losing side, it’s the polar opposite. You’ll find yourself hunted down easily while you’re not paying attention. Because the first 30 seconds basically determine the match, if your team didn’t orient themselves then there’s not much you can do.

Amazing players are able to wrack up a ridiculous amount of kills, sometimes, but otherwise the entire Match is determined in the first 2 minutes. Whatever team manages to have 50% of their players land in the same area within the first minuts will win. That’s it. Unless your a Twitch star like Ninja who can manage 43 kills in 1 Match, chances are your playing will have little to no impact on any game of 50 vs 50.

Competing With Your Own Team for Loot and Kills

Loot Chest - Battle Royale - Epic Games
Loot Chest – Battle Royale – Epic Games

This is almost as problematic as the previous issue, and are tied together. Now that Epic has designated a place for teams to land, you’ll be racing and fighting your other teammates for EVERYTHING. It’s almost already an issue in Squad mode, but imagine 25-35 players landing in Tilted at the same time. It gets tiring fighting for a Pump Shotgun and a handful of Bandages. Increasing loot drops shouldn’t just be left for the Supply Drops that can be a pain to acquire. Not only that, with some players spending ridiculous amounts of time in the game, this removes Casual Players from having any relevance to the game. There’s no more exploration.

Then it should be about building a Fort or being attacked, right? Wrong.

Without any designated Attackers or Defenders in 50 vs 50 there are no intricate Forts or playstyles. It’s just a race to run and gun as quickly as possible. That’s it. If you can even manage to find yourself in the race. Land too far away from the Circled areas, and you won’t see any foes for the entire game.

Storm Camping – Yes, It Still Happens

Ever notice one of your 50 vs 50 Matches being at 46 Players vs 1 Player for far too long? Well, so did Epic. Because they had adjusted the damage done by the Storm in 50 vs 50 Matches, Players were able to camp just Outside the Storm. Healing, cowering and hiding to keep Matches lasting for ridiculous amounts of time.

Now, when the Mode reappeared for Version 2, the damage was adjusted to keep the “pace of play” going. When they brought the Mode back a couple of days ago, it was gone. However, the damage adjustment has now been re-implemented. So now players will take 10 damage per tick for all ring phases. This was created to help ensure that “Storm Camping” no longer occurs.

Survive The Storm - Fortnite - Epic Games

Yes, they can no longer Camp outside the Storm to lengthen the Match. But there’s no incentive for the last remaining player from hiding in some basement. More than enough trolls are going to enjoy chilling in a small structure just to keep 40 other players from moving on to the next Match.

Once again, if there were designated Attackers and Defenders it would help. And there would still be a certain amount of search to the Search and Destroy.  It would eliminate some of the independence to the game, but there isn’t much Independence to 50 vs 50 the way it is right now. If you can’t manage to find a great gun, land in the right area, and find a few enemies(before they find you) in the first couple minutes you’re going to have bad time.

Better, Faster, Stronger

Unfortunately, the way the game is now expect the mode to be removed sometime soon. Like Infinity Gauntlet, there’s a certain novelty to the mode that makes it memorable. Being able to run around with 50 other players while managing a massive fort and fighting an army sounds great. And a lot of the time, it still is.

When you know what to do and where to go, the mode isn’t all that bad. It’s a clever way to make use of Epic Games as 100 Player Match-style.  but they can do a lot better. The reason there are Seasons, the reason there are updates, is because Epic Games listens and improves.

They are very interested in ensuring Fortnite has a lengthy half life that keeps replayability high.  The only reason we can get nitpicky is because of the limitless potential this mode has. 50 players playing against 50 other players should be the best way to enjoy the world of Fortnite: Battle Royale. But as of right now, the mode is essentially broken. Creating more damage from the storm has not solved “Storm Camping”. It hasn’t kept 46 players from having to hunt down two for five minutes to end the match.

Hopefully, solutions will present themselves in time. Just imagine 50 players having one minute to prepare and build before 50 players are unleashed to attack them. The preparation, strategies, and the insane Forts they would create… 

Maybe someday.