The Jetpack Joins the World of Fortnite for a Limited Time

Daniel Mills  /   May 24

The Jetpack Joins the World of Fortnite for a Limited Time

Thanos left a large hole in the world of Fortnite. Being introduced to his many powers left players hungry for more. So it would seem Epic is going to slowly introduce more powers and abilities into the world of Battle Royale. Opening a chest can now grant players the brand new Jetpack!

Fortnite: Battle Royale - Epic Games

Season 4 has been all about change. Bringing about more new Modes, Items and alterations than anyone ever imagined! Well, anyone outside of Epic’s development team. It seems as though they’re hellbent on fulfilling every player’s dreams in the world of Battle Royale. 

Flying around such a fascinating and curious world sounds fun, doesn’t it? Well, it would be. But the Jetpack doesn’t allow for much flying around the map of Fortnite. Instead, think of it more like an exaggerated jump. 

Some Fun in the Sun

The Jetpack saves up a certain amount of “charge”. It lasts about 10 seconds, lifting the player a few feet higher than the effect of a Hop Rock would. Though it’s an Legendary item, it disappears after some use. However, it’s easier to think that Epic Games is merely testing the waters with the effect right now.

As the Modes get more diverse and varied, Epic is going to throw even more weapons and items at us. Having the powers of Thanos at player’s fingertips created a few neat mechanics. The laser beam wasn’t ineffectual, but it wasn’t effective either.

No, the best part about playing the part of Thanos was flying across the world. Leaping over buildings with single bounds. The Jetpack doesn’t grant that power. It merely gives players an edge and serves the same effect as quick ramp-building. It will turn players heads and keep you ahead of the game.

That’s the point isn’t it? To utilize the items and weapons Epic creates to give players an advantage over others. There may not be a literal benefit to having the “higher ground”, but it doesn’t hurt to suddenly move out of the way of a few bullets. Or to ascend a hill or a house in Salty Springs. The Jetpack may even prove more effective as time goes on. Considering how vital and significant the updates have been lately, there may be some changes in the future. Increasing the speed or charge of the Jetpack will make it plenty useful, but it isn’t going to change the way anyone plays Fortnite.