The Fortnite Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Daniel Mills  /   May 21

The Fortnite Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

The community is growing! As Fortnite expands, the number of players will only continue to grow. Creating a need for content and discussion. Podcasts are a great way for the community to grow and communicate with each other. Whether you’re a skilled veteran or a novice, there’s a constant stream of updates and upgrades to the game to keep you interested. But Podcasts are some of the most innovative forms of news in the modern day.

Fortnite fans sometimes want nothing more than to share the game with other fans. But in a world flooded with different streams and channels, what are the best groups and podcasts to listen to? Well, it turns out there aren’t many out there. However, that’s going to change.

So to help you cut through the noise, here are 3 Fortnite Podcasts you should be listening to!

The Fortnite Podcast

The Fortnite Podcast

To put it simply, TwoLoudTX and MonsterDFace are entertaining. Like any good show hosts, they’re active and constantly staying on subject. They’re funny and informative and are always try to stay active with their community listeners. Event though they’re almost at 30 episodes, they are actually not the most prolific Podcast, but they still have plenty of episodes to listen to on multiple formats.

Fortnite Champions Podcast

Fortnite Champions Podcast

Once again, it doesn’t hurt to be entertaining. The gents behind the Fortnite Champions Podcast are, by far, the funniest Fortnite podcast out there. Not only that, they’re focused solely on attempting to improve the game and the players. Yes, every podcast is about appreciation of the game. But these guys take it a step further by making the game a better experience. Hopefully, Epic listens too.

Daily Fortnite Podcast

Daily Fortnite 

The Daily Fortnite podcast is up to 53 episodes! That’s insane. While this podcast isn’t as humorous or entertaining as the previous, it’s the perfect way to get yourself better prepared to face the world at large! With an incredibly well-updated bevy of tips and tricks there’s almost no better podcast that keeps fans and players updated on the constantly developing world of Fortnite: Battle Royale.

As the community that Epic Games created continues to grow, expect more and more Podcasts to appear out of the woodwork. But for right now, these are the best podcasts about the wonderful world of Fortnite.