Team Solomid Buys a Fortnite: Battle Royale House!

Daniel Mills  /   May 12

Team Solomid Buys a Fortnite: Battle Royale House!

The world of Fortnite: Battle Royale just got a little bigger. The E-Sports world has taken notice of the game over the last few months. In fact, Twitch streamers are ditching games like Elder Scrolls Online and Destiny 2 for this free-to-play behemoth. For great reason. This is the one of the most well-balanced, well-designed games in years. Epic Games deserves all the attention they’re getting. So, it makes sense for more Competitive eSports teams to be making commitments to the game. Several teams have already been formed as the game starts to take-off, including Team Solomid. 

While this team consists of some veteran players, it’s a new team in a brand new League that was announced in the beginning of March. The H1Z1 Pro-League is the first of its kind for Battle Royale. A brand new sport taking off in a brand new game? This is an exciting time for gaming fans, folks. So, the folks at TSM we’re incredibly happy when they announced yesterday they made a HUGE commitment to their team!

We Bought a Fortnite House!

As team captain Myth announced on his Twitter, the team has now purchased a Fortnite-house. Is it some crazy mansion? No. But it’s an awesome pad to help these guys grow into a formative team. Making sure they get the practice they need to succeed in the H1Z1 League.

It’s also hilarious to note that it’s everyone’s first house that wasn’t owned by their parents. Everyone seems to have previously lived with their parents. A testament to just how “youthful” the team is. Along with Myth the team consists of Garrett ‘geesh’ Shearer (IGL), Carter “carta” Bjorklund, Eric ‘ogtriv’ Geel, Mark ‘Dropped’ Thees, Jacob ‘ShellShock’ Hash and Reed ‘inboxes’ Tucker (Team Manager and Coach).

Ninja Vegas 18′ taught fans, and the corporations, a lot about the potential of Fortnite. The H1Z1 is the first of its kind and can only continue to get more popular as the game does as well. Twin Galaxies runs the tournament. The company has been mired in controversy lately, but it probably won’t affect the future of the company or any of its operations.

The League has yet to draw the numbers or viewers of a major eSports tournament, but it’s just starting. The time has come to focus attention on the world of Fornite: Battle Royale by way of eSports. A competitive way to have fun.