Should Melee Weapons be Added to Battle Royale?

Daniel Mills  /   May 18

Should Melee Weapons be Added to Battle Royale?

Melee weapons are one of the greatest aspects of Fortnite. Oh, you didn’t know that? Probably because you haven’t ventured into the world of the PvE form of Fortnite. Crafting your own weapons is one of the funnest parts of the game. Here’s a player crafting and using the famous Doomhammer.

Making the gameplay fun and inventive. Well, using your pick-axe can sometimes feel as fun as using a melee weapon. But not really. It’s not that useful outside of the first couple minutes.

However, that could change. As Game Modes expand, and the map possibly shrinks, melee weapons could find their way into the game. But could that happen? Should that happen?

Epic could create entire modes dedicated to melee weapons or make them more useful as of right now. But they could interrupt an already tight system or gameplay and matches. So to help breakdown whether or not melee weapons could work in Battle Royale, let’s talk about the Pro’s and Con’s.

The Pro’s

First of all, running at an enemy with a katana just sounds dreamlike. An almost unattainable level of awesome. Now, if weapons were to have certain enchantments and upgrades like in the PvE game, things could get even more exciting. If guns can have varying level of loot classes, why not weapons? Imagine running around a smaller map with different classes of melee weapons.

Being able to destroy buildings and gather resources faster, limiting the obstacles that keep players from getting to one another. Just remember how quickly Thanos was able to breakdown any barriers with his fist. But that didn’t make the barriers irrelevant, it just made them fun to pummel!

The Doomhammer - Fortnite - Epic Games
The Doomhammer – Fortnite – Epic Games

If melee weapons that are uncommon and rarer were to have upgrades that could destroy or have lasting effects, that could have even more potential than just more bullets. Players want to be able to kill each other in as many ways as possible. In fact, one of the few disappointments players have in the beginning of the game is that no one really uses the pick-axe to attack each other. Unless it’s the first 30 seconds of the game, of course. If an entire match were dedicated to that…Well, the possibilities are exciting to say the least.

The Con’s

Unfortunately, there would be more than a few issues with integrating melee weapons in Battle Royale. Even if they were to have matches dedicated only to those weapons. First of all, Fortnite matches are already notoriously long. Sometimes going long stretches without seeing any other characters. Epic hasn’t shown any interest in shrinking the map yet. So increasing the match time would frustrate quite a few players.

Not only that, simply have no ranged option would be detrimental to the game. Thanos’ most effective power in Infinity Gauntlet mode was the punching. By far. But being able to harass players with the laser was an effective way to keep them at bay. If other players don’t have ranged you won’t need it, that’s correct. But if weapons were to have AoE effects like Thanos’ punch that could possibly solve that problem.

Thanos in Fortnite: Battle Royale - Epic Games
Thanos’ Punch in Fortnite: Battle Royale – Epic Games

Another issue could stem from the lack of variety when it comes to using the melee weapons. It’s a matter of swinging and nothing else. If some variation were to be added it would be more fun. But as of right now, it’s a little repetitive. One of the most alluring and exciting aspects of Fortnite is the difference in weapons. There isn’t a huge variety, but each feels different and necessary in different scenarios.

If Epic Games were to make the melee weapons as effective and unique as the guns, it would be a different matter entirely.


It’s an exciting concept to be sure. Swinging a flaming axe at another player swinging an electrified sword. The kind of gameplay that could draw even more players from games like Elder Scrolls Online. Adding a certain amount of variety. Making weapons that are truly unique. These are the steps Epic could take to make melee weapons useful in Fortnite: Battle Royale. 

When Epic starts to add more variety to modes in general, fans are going to get even more demanding. If the map shrinks, fans will want more loot and drops.

If they can limit the kind of guns you can use in a match with more customizable matchmaking, fans will only demand more options. As Fortnite gets more popular and played the community will expect the game to grow. The more time players spend exploring the world, the more they’ll imagine using other weapons to help destroy it!

Melee weapons would take a lot of work. Perhaps too much. But with Epic’s imagination, the possibilities could be endless.