Should Aerial Combat Come to Battle Royale?

Daniel Mills  /   May 27

Should Aerial Combat Come to Battle Royale?

Picture this. Have you ever been flying into Tilted Towers only to have someone steal that chest you were about to grab? Everyone’s been there. Well, the Aerial aspect of Fortnite: Battle Royale isn’t connected to combat. But it’s an important part of the game. Where you land is the first decision a player gets to make. The next step is either death or survival. But what if Aerial Combat were added? Allowing for players to pluck each other out from the sky before they get a weapon.

Or an entire match set in the air. With chests and drops floating from Weather Balloon drops. During your first match the Skydiving/Parachuting element can be a little confusing. But the mechanic is a fun way of exploring and getting around a large map.

Add weapons into that equation, and there’s a new game entirely. At this point in time, there’s no benefit to landing near an enemy that has gear. But what if an Aerial Attack were added. One that could have players taking advantage of that “early bird” who gets to the chest first?

Death from Above

Fortnite: Battle Royale - Epic Games

It’s an interesting dynamic to explore. If Gliders and Parasols were replaced with Parachutes for the entire fall, players could have a free hand to pull out a pistol or two. If an entire Match or Map were build around Aerial Combat…the potential could be out of this world.

Just imagine the Airbus becoming the home base and Launch Pad for an entire team. Soaring through the skies in a massive 50 vs 50 Mode that has players plucking each other from the clouds. If Parachutes were destructible in this scenario, falling to the ground could be another part of the game. A second life after losing the Aerial Combat.

As time goes on, there’s no reason Epic shouldn’t throw this into the game. They’ve already added a couple of ways for players to take flight. Thanos was equipped with a massive jumping power. Not to mention, players were sent flying into the air as soon as they equipped the Infinity Gauntlet. 

Most importantly, when that Meteor took out Dusty Depot it added a little something. Hop Rocks. While this isn’t technically Aerial Combat, using Hop Rocks for some boosted jumps can make for some fun shooting. It doesn’t give players that much of an advantage. It actually might make you more of a target. But it’s definitely some wish-fulfillment when it comes to those waiting for real Aerial Combat in Fortnite: Battle Royale. 

Hop Rocks could just be the forerunner for adding powers and abilities to the game. Flying through the sky is the first thing a player does in a Match of Battle Royale. Arguably one of the funnest parts of a pretty fun game. Aerial Combat could add a little more spice to an already entertaining mechanic.