Fortnite: Save the World – Why You Should be Playing

Travis Mccrackin  /   May 17

Fortnite: Save the World – Why You Should be Playing

Save the world
Epic Games

Save the World – Plot

98 percent of the human population has disappeared. A terrible storm now rages across the globe. The last surviving humans reside under what are called storm shields. These barriers are the only thing keeping the storm at bay. The walls, though, they were not built to keep out storms. The walls and battlements were built to keep the creatures called Husks at bay.  They came when the storm did. Zombie-like creatures that take pleasure in destroying what the storm cannot…

Your mission now is to find as many survivors as possible, all the while increasing the power of your storm shield until it encompasses the globe. Taking back what the storm stole away. Many challenges lie ahead to impede your mission, but so too do allies lie in wait for rescue to aid you in it. It’s up to you few survivors now, to save the world…


Ok, so you know now what’s happened to the planet…kind of. Don’t expect much more plot than this, though. If it’s storyline you’re after, I’m warning you now, seek it elsewhere. Save the world is actually the original gameplay mode for Fortnite and was released first, if only by a month or so. If you love Fortnite, if you spend money buying V-bucks, then you should take a closer look at this game mode.

Instead of trying to eliminate one another as you do in Battle Royale, save the world focuses on co-operative, or even solo, play. You can team up with up to four players or NPCs (or go it alone) and complete missions that further you along your way to completing your ultimate goal… which is to, say it with me, now… Save the World.

Save the World
Epic Games

The PVE experience is completely different than that of the one you’re familiar with and will definitely take some getting used to.


This PVE mode brings building to the forefront of a players skill set, so it’s easy to see why Epic felt the need to include it in the Battle Royale mode. The building you’re used to is actually a bit of a condensed version of what you’ll be doing in co-op mode. The mechanics are the same, but you’ll have access to new materials, traps, and weaponry. You’ll also need to be a bit more strategic with your building habits, as in this mode you’re actually oftentimes trying to build a fort that will get you through the night. Maybe even something more permanent that could last, oh I don’t know, as long as a fortnight… What? Don’t look at me like that.

save the world
Epic Games


This game mode also offers different playable classes, complete with skill trees.


You’re never gonna guess what these guys do. They construct all sorts of useful things like buildings and traps. And buildings… and traps. These guys are your crowd control class. Your wizard classes in other RPGs.


Again, very mysterious.  These guys get up close and personal. They deal large amounts of damage before ducking back out of harm’s way. These agile fighters are melee specialists using weapons not seen in Battle Royale. These are your thieves. As in the traditional RPG party role. Not as in watch your valuables… Geez.


The lone wolf at home on the edges of the storm. Outlanders are your scouts. They receive bonuses from finding loot and resources in the field. These guys keep you supplied with materials for building and weapon creation.


last but not least we have our soldiers. These are your tanks taking the brunt of the damage. This class is your main offensive type. They’ll draw the attention of the enemy to themselves, allowing the other classes the breathing room to use their abilities.

save the world
Epic Games

Each of these four classes has 14 sub-classes or specializations from which to choose. This makes 56 different character styles to play.

V-Bucks Rewards

Sure, it’s great to change it up every now and then, but the real reason you should be playing save the world mode is that you are awarded V-bucks for completing missions! Even if you’ve only purchased the battle passes for each season, this game would have already paid for itself. If you’re constantly buying new skins and other store objects, give save the world mode some consideration. It might end up saving you some cash…


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