What Ninja Vegas 18 Taught Us

Bryana Gage  /   Apr 29

What Ninja Vegas 18 Taught Us

Credit: Esports Arena Las Vegas

This past weekend, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins hosted the first live Fortnite Battle Royale tournament. Produced by Esports Arean at the Luxor Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

The exhilarating event, named Ninja Vegas 18, drew in 667,000 concurrent viewers, breaking his previous Twitch record of just over 600,000. During that stream, he played with Drake, JuJu Smith – Schuster, and Travis Scott in March.

It consisted of 75 different competitors for each heat, totaling at 225. Each player had a chance to win $2,500 for killing Ninja. And if they won the match, the would receive an additional $2,500. Besides a few new tricks to use in Battle Royale, Ninja Vegas 18 gave us something else to take from it.

Streamers Aren’t Perfect

Although the event was surrounding around Ninja, he ended the night with only one win. Fans expected him to dominate the competition and when he didn’t, they were disappointed.

His streams may prove otherwise, but he isn’t perfect – he’s human. Ninja gets nervous just like everyone else when under pressure, and believe me, there was more pressure that night than at the ocean floor. While streaming, he plays against randoms, so getting 10+ kills a round and winning requires minimum concentration and effort. But the tournament was different. The competitors consisted of fans, casuals, and pros. He had to concentrate and come up with a plan. With randoms, he engages in every fight he comes across. On the other hand, playing competitive matches caused him to wait it out and avoid confrontations until the end.

Ninja only won once, but he came in second twice. The $2,500 from that match went to an Alzheimer’s charity.

Watching Ninja dominate would have been nice, but viewers got to see that he isn’t untouchable and that anyone can become a pro – and beat Ninja.

Fortnite Pros Are Still Emerging

Besides Ninja, TSM_Myth, who is another pro-Fortnite streamer who competed and didn’t do well. The long-awaited battle between Ninja and
Myth didn’t happen, which is totally fine because something better did.

We saw some Alphas emerge from the pack.

We know about Ninja and Myth because they’re consistent streamers. What about the players that don’t stream? Aren’t known? They’re the hidden gems.

The competitor, Blind, started the night off with two consecutive wins – beating Ninja in the first match of heat one. Everyone wants to know who the mysterious Blind is, but he wants to remain anonymous for now. Well, until he gets ready to unleash his presence on the internet.

Blind has been playing on private Discord chat servers, where pro-players compete. His goal wasn’t to show up Ninja, though I’m sure that was pretty awesome. He was actually hoping to get signed by a pro team. After that amazing performance, I know it’s in the process of happening.

But, it wasn’t just Blind who stole the show, 4DRStormYT, who won the eighth match did too. When the cameras revealed the winner, it showed a 14-year-old was the one who took that victory like his name was written all over it. This tournament proved that the best is still out there.

Each of the 225 competitors that participated knew that they could possibly leave the event with money. That wasn’t their motivation to go.

Everyone just wanted to have fun and test their skills against some of the best in the game. And who knows, maybe they’ll try their luck at the next Fortnite tournament and surprise us all.