Jetpack Coming to Fortnite?

Travis Mccrackin  /   May 21

Jetpack Coming to Fortnite?

It seems the long-awaited jetpack will be coming after all. They may even be a part of a new exclusive mode to come in Season 5. Only Epic knows for sure!

fortnite jetpack
Epic Games

The Fortnite Jetpack

So for a while now we’ve all been wondering when, if ever, we were going to see some Fortnite jetpack action. It seems our wait is finally at an end!

It’s been weeks since Epic announced the jetpack originally.  Almost nothing has been said about it since they announced they were having problems with its development.  But a look through the game files for Season 5 reveals a quest objective titled “Use a jetpack”.

The same files also hint at a new LTM entitled “Close Encounters” that will be all about jetpacks and shotguns. This leads me to believe that jetpacks won’t be an item available in the regular Battle Royale modes, but, like the Infinity Gauntlet, will exist only in this new LTM.

fortnite jetpack
Epic Games

Remember this from season three?

The reason I believe that Epic won’t have this awesome item in any regular mode is that it could potentially unbalance gameplay. They removed the guided launcher quickly enough. I think a new LTM is the perfect answer to both give the fans what we want and to preserve the integrity of the game. I’m so excited! This is Travis from LPG, see ya in the air!

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