How to Make the Best Use of Your Inventory Slots in Fortnite

Daniel Mills  /   May 9

How to Make the Best Use of Your Inventory Slots in Fortnite

Your inventory slots are one of the most important and vital elements in Fortnite: Battle Royale. Juggling the items you need to survive the storm and the other players. There’s a bevy of interesting guns, items and projectiles with which to fell your foes! However, utilizing your inventory slots can be one of the more unique parts of the game. Different items help you at different times, saving you at just the right moment or helping to deal the perfect amount of destruction.

To get your footing, certain items are better to use than others at certain times. Some you’ll want to save until the very end of the match; some you’ll never want to use. The key to surviving is finding the best materials and weapons and using them in the most creative, fun and destructive ways imaginable! So to break down when is the best time to use what, here’s a guide to the most important items to have during your time in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

The First 2 Minutes

Have you ever noticed that about 40-50% of players die in the first 2 minutes? That’s because not everyone finds the most isolated spot on the map to run on hide. Not that you do that but… Let’s move on. The first 2 minutes of the Match are the most important, because chances are you won’t survive them! It’s a race to every Gun, Chest and Shield Potion. So what exactly are the most important items to have during this time?


That’s right. During the first 2 minutes of the match, do not scrutinize any item that comes on your path. Grab every gun, grab every bandage, grab every bit of ammo. It’s not just that you want to have it, it’s also that you don’t want your fellow players to have them. Half the time you land in Salty Springs, someone else is going for that exact weapon. So it’s a race to grab it. Then a race to jump off the building as quickly as possible before that player knocks you back to the Lobby. A player should pick up any gun during the first 2 minutes. Even Hunting Rifles, Pump Shotguns, Revolvers and yes, even Burst Rifles.

Burst Rifle in Fortnite: Battle Royale - Epic Games
Burst Rifle in Fortnite: Battle Royale – Epic Games

I know, I know. It doesn’t sound right. But having any gun during this time period is incredibly important. Especially when some angry 12-year-old comes at you with their pick-axe. Then you’ll be happy to have that Burst Rifle.

Making it To the Top 10

Whether you hid or managed to kill a player or three, you’ve made it past the first 2 minutes. Phew! There are no other players in the near vicinity. There are probably around somewhere around 45 players left. For the next few minutes, it’s about gathering the best guns and potions to prepare yourself. The fight is coming. You know it’s not that hard to make it in the Top 10. Even the Top 5…. But maybe, just maybe you can place this time. We’ll see. Now, is the most important time for your inventory slots.

First of all, Shield Potions Shield Potions and Shield Potions. You need as much protection as possible. It may not make a lot of sense now to keep that 1 Small Potion after using 2, but remember that players don’t survive every encounter unscathed. Players will snipe you from afar; or you’ll get some scars while taking someone out. It’s best to have a Potion or Bandages on deck to keep yourself healed.

Projectiles? We’ll get to those closer to the end of the match. Same thing with Rocket Launchers, so don’t get too excited.

The best Guns for this period are actually Assault Rifles, Tactical Shotguns, Sniper Rifles and Silenced Pistols. Players will want something that’s effective from afar, because chances are you won’t see a lot of players during this period. They’ll be picked off somewhere along the map. If you’re using these items you might just be doing the picking! The Tactical Shotgun is the best close-range weapon, good to have at any time in the match.

Now, you’re well-equipped. A new kill or two added to your account. The Storm is shrinking the map and you can see some Forts in the distance. You’ve made it.

The Top 10

Don’t sweat it. You’ll do fine. Look how far you’ve come! You’re in the Top 10. Believe it or not, now is the most important time for your inventory slots. Now is the time to scrutinize every item. This is when quality matters. First of all, you want the most effective healing items. Slurp Juice, larger Shield Potions and Medkits are ALL very useful during this time. It won’t seem like it, but surrounding yourself in a Fort will give you plenty of time to heal yourself up. So make sure you have the most effective way to heal as quickly as possible.

Tactical Shotguns are always a great asset to have, but there’s no telling whether or not you’ll use it in the Top 10. Players are often nowhere near each other, making Range Weapons much more effective. However, it always helps to play it safe.

For Ranged Weapons, Sniper Rifles and Assault RIfles are still just as effective. Using the Rifles to Snipe your foes who are occupied with someone else, or using the Assault Rifles to destroy someone’s Fort right out from under them! Pistols and Submachine Guns aren’t really that effective during this period. But the Light Machine Gun is one of the best guns to have during this period.

Light Machine Gun in Fortnite: Battle Royale - Epic Games
Light Machine Gun in Fortnite: Battle Royale – Epic Games

Oh, and remember those projectiles? Now is the time to pull those out.

A well-placed Boogie Grenade can be incredibly useful in the Top 10. Rocket Launchers too. Any weapon with a large AoE is the perfect way to ensure you keep up with the last few players. Aside from Building and Good Shooting, keeping these items is one of the only way to ensure you make it through the Storm.

Congrats, You Made it This Far

There is absolutely no way to guarantee someone wins a Match. The players that do are often very lucky, incredibly talented, or spend countless hours playing the game. The kind of thing that makes that level of skill unattainable for 95% of the people who will end up playing the game. But that hasn’t stopped anyone from playing, has it? Because there are simple and obvious ways to become good at the game. Surviving as long as possible because Epic Games created every opportunity for the player to find what they need.

However, it’s always better to plan ahead. There is a method to this madness, after all. There’s a direct correlation between these items and success in the game. You won’t find a Fortnite: Battle Royale winner sporting a Pump Shotgun, that’s for sure. Instead you’ll find veterans using the best Guns and Items in the Game. Which aren’t that hard to find as long as you know what you’re looking for.