How to Live Up to the Rest of Your Squad in Fortnite

Daniel Mills  /   Apr 28

How to Live Up to the Rest of Your Squad in Fortnite

Playing in a Squad or Duo match is almost an entirely different game in Fornite: Battle Royale. Teammates become both a lifeline and a resource, helping you to master the elements and gather the best gear you can. Together, you can face any foe! Or at least any foe that doesn’t have their s&%* together.

It’s not hard to be an asset to your team. It’s about following a few basic rules that ensures everyone sticks together, helps each other, and stays alive until the end of the match. The skills you need to use don’t just revolve around reviving your the other guys as quickly as possible. If you all manage to use the same tricks of the trade, it won’t even get to that point.

Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran of the Solo game, there’s always a few things that just aren’t easy to grasp in Fortnite: Battle Royale. Sometimes, it takes a few helpful tips. To make sure you’re living up to the rest of your Squad in Fornite, here’s a few tips to being a key member of the team!


  • Follow the Marker


As soon as the Bus Launches, look at the Map. If you have a coordinated team, you’ll see that every other player puts there Marker at a desired drop point. It’s an easy way to get everyone together quickly. It also keeps out those pesky other players who might find a lonely player to be vulnerable prey.

Sticking togethering is one of the easiest ways to stay alive until the end of the match. Let’s not kid ourselves, for the first 100 matches or so you’re going to consider yourself a rookie. Following in the footsteps of players that know better than you is one of the easiest ways to learn the game. Sometimes, teammates can obviously get ahead of themselves. This is when it helps to have a mic or headset handy. However, you shouldn’t need one to keep everyone together. Just a few of the reasons you should follow the marker.

  • Keep Up!

Anyone who’s played a single match knows that as soon as you set your feet down on the roof of that building, you need to move. The same goes for Squad work. As soon as you land you’re going to see how quickly the other players are making their way around the map. Including your teammates! That’s why it’s especially important to keep up!

If you’re not playing with a headset, microphone or with friends it can seem rude when you’re squadmates aren’t waiting for you. Don’t be surprised, it’s your responsibility to keep up with them. Moving quickly throughout the map will ensure that you’re not followed and that you get the best materials and equipment. If you stay in any spot, you and your team become easy targets for  other people outrunning the Storm.


  • Gather Materials


Break. Down. Everything. It’s one of the most useful things in the Endgame of every match. Being able to create the key battlements and defenses that will keep you from snipers and getting flanked. The only way to do that is by harvesting as many pieces of buildings and homesteads as possible. But, you might not want to give away your position right? Because as soon as you strike your pick-axe against that wall it’s going to show your exact position.

So look around. While it won’t keep you from making any noise, harvesting the furniture and gathering materials around homesteads can be just as useful. It can actually be easier to break down a pile of garbage or a few shopping carts rather than knocking down an entire house.

Squads in Fortnite: Battle Royale - Epic Games
Squads in Fortnite: Battle Royale – Epic Games
  • Get Yourself Healed

Believe it or not, taking damage is not the worst thing ever. It happens. Every now and then some other player is going to get a lucky shot in and you’re going to suffer for it. In Solo, you’d probably be out of the match. Thanks to Squad, your teammates have the ability to revive you. But if they do, don’t make them pay for it.

Get bandages or shield potions as quickly as possible and get yourself healed! If a buddy went out of there way to run over and revive you, imagine how pissed they’re going to be if you get shot down 30 seconds later. It’s a waste of everyone’s time. Especially when getting to the endgame of some matches can take upwards of 20 minutes. So do everyone a favor and take care of yourself.


  • Share your Guns, Bandages and Potions


Let’s not get greedy here. When it comes to playing with a Squad or a Duo, everyone is just trying to stay alive. So don’t try to hog anything you happen to have a lot of. Have some extra bandages? Share them. See that your buddy is using a Burst Rifle instead of the Assault Rifle you have a couple of? Share the wealth. That’s one of the only ways to make sure that those other plays can actually have your back. Because otherwise, how else are they going to be able to outgun the same enemies you are?

Shield Potion - Fortnite: Battle Royale - Epic Games
Shield Potion – Fortnite: Battle Royale – Epic Games

When times are tough, everyone needs to share. Making sure the rest of your team has Bandages, Shield Potions and the right Guns will help ensure you all make it to the end of the round.


  • Build, Build, Build


This is arguably the most important part of surviving to the end of any match. You need to build. After you’ve spent the game harvesting the materials that you need, it’s time to put them to good use! Building cover walls and towers are the most important parts of keeping your teammates from falling to enemy fire. Especially when those Rocket Launchers come out.

You’ll be surprised at just how intricate some of the towers and structures players can create. It’s a testament to just how great the gameplay is that you need to utilize every single aspect of the game to win. You can’t just shoot; you can’t just build and gather. It’s a mix of skills that help keep everyone together, focused and having fun. In the end, building cool structures that hopefully won’t disintegrate under enemy fire is one of the funnest parts of Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Buildings and Castles in Fortnite: Battle Royale - Epic Games
Building and Castle in Fortnite: Battle Royale – Epic Games

Creating cover at the end of any match is one of the funnest parts of the came. It came be intimidating at first, because you’re going to suck at it. But everyone sucks at the game in the beginning. But playing with teammates is a great way to learn while watch players who are infinitely better than you.

Buddies who will watch your back while you try not to play like an idiot. But if you utilize these tips and tricks, you might just live up to the rest of your Squad.