How to Get Better at Building in Battle Royale

Daniel Mills  /   May 21

How to Get Better at Building in Battle Royale

Building is the most entertaining aspect of Fortnite: Battle Royale. But it can also be the most frustrating. Watching other players create masterful designs and forts is intimidating for new players and veterans. While there’s a huge difference between playing on PC or Console, there are always a few tips to make things easier.

Epic has created more than a few ways to make battling in Battle Royale a breeze. PC players will always have the upper hand thanks to that nifty keyboard. There’s no getting around that. But there are built in mechanisms to help all players. Let’s start by breaking down building on PC.

PC Building

Right, okay. Take it easy, folks. Everyone knows PC users will always have the upper hand in most games for multiple reasons. The controls are simple and don’t require activation. You can have most moves and building edits available at the press of a button. Thus leading to the most simple way to become a masterful builder is key bindings.

From the “Input” section in the “Settings COG”. From there a player can setup whatever shortcuts they need to simplify building to the pressing of a single button. Something the “togglers” of the Console world envy greatly.

Console Building

Whether you’re on PS4 or Xbox One, it can feel like you’re playing an entirely different game than those on PC. While NICKMERCS may be able to win Keemstar’s tournament on a PS4, most everyone agrees that computers are at a huge advantage. That’s undeniably true. But there are two tricks to helping Console players get an upper hand.

Changing the Sensitivity

Fortnite: Battle Royale Screenshots

Upping the controller sensitivity from the Settings, pictured here on an Xbox One, makes the joysticks movements a little swifter and more reactionary. It can be difficult to get used to at first, but can ultimately be a major factor in helping players turn heads and build Ramps/Walls as quickly as possible.

Builder Pro

Fortnite: Battle Royale Xbox One Layout

This is probably the biggest asset a Console player has. Because whether you realize it or not, the default controls are some of the worst ways to build. There are a few different Building layouts available to Console Users, but the most effective is Builder Pro. Once again pictured here on an Xbox One, changing to Builder Pro allows the player the ability to build a Ramp or Wall with 2 buttons rather than toggling through the options.

The player simply presses B then Left Trigger to create a Ramp. Much easier than the default controls.

Any player, old or new, knows that building is always tricky. One of the most complex and interesting parts of playing Battle Royale. But don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it.