How Epic Games is Making Fortnite: Battle Royale More Competitive

Daniel Mills  /   May 27

How Epic Games is Making Fortnite: Battle Royale More Competitive

Epic Games has made a 100 million dollar commitment to helping the First Season of Competitive Play for Fortnite: Battle Royale. That’s a big deal. Several other tournaments are already cropping up around the globe. Teams and leagues are forming everywhere. It’s a great time to be a gamer. But Epic is helping the community along in more ways than one. Allowing for their new game to become more competitive.

Let’s break down the ways the incredibly successful developer is making Fortnite one of the most competitive games in the world.

Solo Showdown

Solo Showdown didn’t last long. But for a week players were able to play the Solo Mode and wrack up points. Many assumed that this was Epic dipping their toes into competitive play, and it was. Just days later they announced the 100 million dollar commitment to prize pools for the 2018/2019 Season. Epic is ensuring that players won’t always need to go to tournaments to experience the skilled and veteran battlefields inhabited by the best of the best.

50 vs 50

50 vs 50 Mode is still having some trouble, but it proves Epic is constantly trying. Giving players the opportunities to play against a massive team is a requirement for any large-scale multiplayer shooter these days. But when you want players coming back for weeks and months at a time, a developer needs to provide many different experiences.

Fortnite: Battle Royale - Epic Games

Solid Gold Squad Mode was also an example of making things more competitive. Taking away the randomness of drops is a great decision. While players can still get stuck with Pistols and Burst Rifles over Assault Rifles and Shotguns, it helps narrow down the lose of life. Players will find themselves in a much better position when they have a Legendary Suppressed Pistol against a distant Sniper Rifle. It’s not something that would increase a player’s skill, but it’s creating more opportunities for those skills to be used.

Increased Abilities

Hop Rocks are just the beginning. As the Game Modes and Items become more diverse and numerous, Epic is probably going to throw more than a few powers our way. Thanos was proof of that. Gauntlet wasn’t just a “King of the Hill” Mode, it was most likely a prototype for testing out a few new forms of Combat in Battle Royale. 

Flight is the first power that comes to mind. But what if Thanos’s laser eyes were to become a brand new power? Giving players a high-level beam for a limited time. But the best part about Thanos? Well, that was the punching. If players were suddenly granted Super Strength, that would change the game completely.

Physical Combat could potentially make the game much more competitive. As anyone knows, using the Pick-Axe on someone is not the equivalent of melee attacks in an FPS game.

As time goes on Fortnite, and the players, will only get better and better. Competitive tournaments and play are just getting started in Battle Royale. 100 Million Dollars for a Competitive 1st Season of eSports is only the beginning.