KEEMSTARS Friday Fortnite – Week 2

Travis Mccrackin  /   May 19

KEEMSTARS Friday Fortnite – Week 2

  Youtubers Typical Gamer and SoaR Thief powered through a nail-biting tournament last night to become the week 2 Friday Fortnite Champions. This was the second Friday Fortnite tournament hosted by KEEMSTAR. The last two Fridays have seen well-known streamers from the far reaches of the web and beyond participate in these wildly successful events.

To Those of You Who Are About to Die…

In a masterfully played final, Typical Gamer and SoaR Thief went head to head with two members of Team Solo Mid. Daequan and Hamlinz. Outmaneuvering the popular streamers, Team Solo Mid won a swift victory in the first match.

Having won every game up until this point meant they had to be beaten twice, though, and only had to win once to take home the prize.  Both teams felt the pressure in the final match.  Another thing keeping the kill count excruciatingly tight.

Both Hamlinz and Thief went down around the same time. This left it all up to their teammates as they could only watch and hope. Typical and Thief’s early lead was just enough, though, to see them through to victory and the $10,000 prize.

To The Victors!!! Typical Gamer & SoaR Thief, Great job guys!

Other Participants

Many big names in the streaming and eSports worlds participated in the second ‘Friday Fortnite’ tournament hosted by KEEMSTAR and UMG including Ninja (who had a 23 kill match)  Members from teams like FaZe, The Sidemen, and Optic Gaming. The returning champs, SypherPK and NICKMERCS, were eliminated in the first game.


1 Typical Gamer & SoaR Thief
2 TSM Daequan & TSM Hamlinz
3 NoahJ456 & Avxry
4 FaZe TFUE & FaZe Cloakzy
5/6 Akademiks & BChillz
5/6 Ninja & KingRichard
7/8 GhostNinja & Chica
7/8 Pamaj & Salty
9/12 Fousey & coL Hogman
9/12 Chance & JoshOG
9/12 OpTic CouRage & OpTic TeeP
9/12 Nick Eh 30 & One_shot_Gurl
13/16 KYR SP33DY & SideArms
13/16 Muselk & Prestige Clips
13/16 Mr. Beast & Kewbbbelkop
13/16 OpTic Hitch & OpTic Maniac
17/24 Summit1g & Shroud
17/24 Tanner Fox & SSG GONE
17/24 Svennoss & Tinny
17/24 Nick28T & NepentheZ
17/24 Wroetoshaw & TheBurntChip
17/24 Dr. DisRespect & Timthetatman
17/24 Dolan Dark & Nopeify
17/24 ComedyShortsGamer & Wizz
25/32 JoogSquad & Edwin Meza
25/32 Anything4views & Zuckles
25/32 NICKMERCS & SypherPK
25/32 Diss God & YourRage
25/32 Bryson Hutchinson & Brett P
25/32 Ice Poseidon & Mitch Jones
25/32 Nadeshot & OpTic BigTymer
25/32 Logan Paul & Dwarf Mamba

I’m almost certain that this is a very similar list to the one we’ll see next month during Epic’s Celebrity Pro-AM ‘Party Royale’. At least on the gamer end of things.  We’re also still awaiting their announcement on competitive Fortnite. I imagine that’s something we’ll see with the end of Solo Showdown. We all know, if they’re good at anything at all, it’s keeping us all waiting. This is Travis making sure you’re caught up on everything Fortnite! Ciao!


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