Fortnite’s Comet May Bring Superheroes And Aliens With It

Bryana Gage  /   Apr 27

Fortnite’s Comet May Bring Superheroes And Aliens With It

Credit: GamingEverything
Credit: GamingEverything

Things in Fortnite have been getting pretty intense. The comet in the skies of both Battle Royale and Save The World have players believing that it’s going to collide on the map – very soon. They think it’s coming before season 3 ends on April 30th. Or that it’s coming with the start of season 4, which is supposedly beginning on May 1. Either way, we know we’re in for a surprise in the coming weeks.

What We Know About The Comet

The comet is suspected to hit the map – Tilted Towers may be its target. Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite had a little fun with this idea. A famous rooftop in Tilted can now be seen littered with furniture positioned in the shape of an arc. All the pieces are facing a TV screen, which up until yesterday was showing static. Even more, picket signs on the rooftop are also hinting at the looming comet’s arrival. There’s even a telescope pointed towards the comet.

Credit: Don'tFeedTheGamers
Credit: Don’tFeedTheGamers

Yesterday in Fortnite Battle Royale, TV’s across the map started to broadcast an Emergency Service Announcement, ESA, that gets louder the closer you get to it. Since the ESA, theories about what it symbolizes have been circulating.

One theory is that the arrow on the ESA is pointing down because the comet will hit South of the map, where Lucky Landings is.

Another theory is that the sounds emitting from the TV is really morse code and the message is, “They don’t want us to k…”. The community can’t decide if the last word is know or kill. My bet is on “They don’t want us to know.”

A star shaped UFO is next to the comet. Besides a comet potentially hitting the map, we also have to prepare ourselves for aliens too? It isn’t just Battle Royale, Save The World is also teasing at aliens. There was a recent mission discussing an alien abduction. Epic has surely kept us all on our toes about what’s to come in season 4.

Season 4 Theme May be Connected With Aliens

This morning, Epic released the theme for season 4, which is Superheroes. Maybe that’s how they all connect. A comet is going to hit the map. Controlled by aliens? Containing radiation that grants superhero abilities? Not sure yet, but once in chaos the aliens will try and take over.

Credit: Epic Games
Credit: Epic Games

Since it’s aliens and superheroes involved, I strongly believe that the morse code might be referring to, “They don’t want us to know.” In every alien and superhero movie, the government tries to keep topics like this to themselves, leaving the general public out of the equation. Coincidence? I think not. So, season 4 may just be an alien vs superhero fight.

Tilted may not be destroyed. Aliens may not run around destroying things. But Epic is bringing something big to the game. A new mode? New map? We’re not sure yet, but players are going crazy with theories and tension of when is growing with each passing day.