A Guide To Completing Fortnite’s Season 4 Week 3 Challenges

Bryana Gage  /   May 17

A Guide To Completing Fortnite’s Season 4 Week 3 Challenges

Week 3 challenges are live and with them are new chances to get 50 Battle Stars and 5k experience. Below are this week’s challenges and how to complete them.

Deal Damage With Pistols To Opponents

While pistols are the underdog of Fortnite, if you know how to use them, they tend to prove their worth. There are four types of pistols: pistol, suppressed pistol, revolver, and hand cannon. The best way to win a match with a pistol vs any weapon is headshots. If you’re not aiming for the head, you’re not trying to win.

If you refuse to believe that pistols are worth anything besides discarded trash, then remember that you don’t have to kill people to complete this challenge. You just have to deal damage. So if you want, play in any team mode and knock down your opponent with your weapon of choice and finish them with the pistol. It’ll take longer to complete it this way, but at least you don’t have to run around with a pistol all the time.

Search Chest In Lonely Lodge

Lonely Lodge is exactly that, lonely. It’s scarce of buildings, but it’s fruitful of trees. But that’s not what this challenge is about. You need to search seven chests. Though there aren’t many buildings, there’s usually a chest in each one. Everyone will be landing in the Lodge to search chest, so don’t expect to finish this in one round. Besides the buildings, there’s a wooden scouting tower in the Lodge that has two to three chests, if you can get there first.

Search Rubber Duckies

The rubber duckies can be found across the map in or near water. When you’re near one of them, you’ll hear them quacking. Here’s a guide to finding them and where.

Follow The Treasure Map Found In Salty Springs

The treasure maps are always bare but the information they do have makes it easy to decipher where your treasure is. Here’s the guide to finding the treasure map and its prize.

Sniper Rifle Eliminations

Your best bet is to play 50v50. It’s easy to see someone’s head peeking out behind their tower of wood and kill them. Plus, headshots will get the job done quicker.

Eliminate Opponents in Tilted Towers

Tilted has always been the best place to test your skills and rack up kills, so eliminating three opponents will be easy in any mode. Landing on the rooftops is usually a go-to method of killing in Fortnite but placing traps have proven to be just as effective.

Revive Players

You can only revive players in team modes. So, you’ll have to play either Duo, Squad or 50v50. Reviving players in Duo or Squad isn’t impossible, but it’s harder to revive a teammate when you have to fend for your life. To complete this challenge, playing 50v50 is your best choice because the possibility of teammates to revive is endless.