Week 4 Challenges: Trap Eliminations, Storm Circle, and More

Bryana Gage  /   May 22

Week 4 Challenges: Trap Eliminations, Storm Circle, and More

Courtesy of Fortnite Tracker, Week 4 challenges were gracefully leaked, giving players an edge on how they’re going to complete this week’s challenges. Because they’re going to be tough. This week, we have our usual ‘deal damage,’ ‘search chest’ and ‘get kills in so and so.’ In addition to those, we have to eliminate opponents with traps and go to the center of the storm circle three times. Sounds fun, right? Not exactly, but don’t worry because I got you.

Trap Eliminations And More

Deal Damage With Assualt Rifles To Opponents

Besides shotguns, assault rifles are everyone’s go-to weapon. Dealing 1,000 damage won’t be hard at all. Just don’t expect to get this done in one round unless you’re just that good.

But if you’re trying to get this over with quick, because who are we kidding, that’s what you want. Then playing any squad mode will get this over within a jiffy.

Search Chest In Wailing Woods

Everyone’s least favorite place to search for 7 chests, but it has to get done. Wailing Woods is the #1 place to go if you want to max out on your wood. It’s just not the place to go when you need chest since they’re so few and in between. Usually, it’s a ghost town but this week everyone’s going to land there. It’s going to be a fight of who can land the fastest.

No mode is going to make this search easy, you’ll just have to grind until you complete it.

Search 7 Ammo Boxes In A Single Match

There are literally ammo boxes everywhere, and if you’re not careful, you can trip over one. Kidding, but they’re easy to find. This challenge doesn’t demand too much out of you, just that you avoid the popular places. Your best bet is to land somewhere that never has anyone. Maybe like that place Between Retail Row and Lonely Lodge. It’s full of ammo boxes, RVs, and a couple of chests.

Visit The Center Of 3 Different Storm Circles In A Single Match

This challenge is hard but doable. As long as you can stay alive to the end, you should be able to complete this. When you get close, you’ll see a purple beam, you don’t have to search it just pass next to it.  You’ll just have to be in the top 10 for sure. Click here for a guide to completing it.

Search Between A Bench, An Ice Cream Truck, And A Helicopter

This week’s ‘search between’ isn’t hard at all since there’s only one place on the map that has a crashed helicopter, Moist Mire. Click here for a map and guide to getting you 10 Battle Stars.

Trap Elimination

Although you only have to eliminate one opponent, that doesn’t make this challenge easy in the slightest. The damage was nerfed, so it only does 75 damage to a player. It doesn’t actually kill a player, which sucks because it means you have to be creative. This challenge is mostly pure luck since you have to hope players aren’t at full health.

There’s no perfect method to getting this done since it’s based on what you think is the easiest way. One way is to place a trap on the ceiling or wall in a building. While this doesn’t guarantee that someone will walk into your trap, it’s a start.

If you can manage the timing, deal some damage to your opponent and place a trap under their feet. That should do the trick. This challenge is already a pain so I suggest playing only in solo mode. That way, when you get close to completing your trap elimination, someone won’t come mess up your world and revive them.

 Eliminate 3 Opponents In Snobby Shores

This one shouldn’t be a problem because Snobby has some awesome stuff and you can probably check out the building on the hill East of it.