Complete ‘Visit The Center Of Different Storm Circles In A Single Match’ In Fortnite Battle Royale

Bryana Gage  /   May 22

Complete ‘Visit The Center Of Different Storm Circles In A Single Match’ In Fortnite Battle Royale

Besides the oh-so gruesome trap elimination challenge, visiting different storm circles is my least favorite to complete this week. To complete this one, you’ll have to stay alive and manage to last to at least the top 15. Besides lasting to the end, you have to actually go to the center of it, which means, no camping. The good news is that getting to the middle won’t be the hard part, avoiding everyone will.

Get It Done And Get Out Of There

Epic doesn’t make it clear where the center of the storm circles is. You just have to make a rough estimate of where you think it’s going to be and head that way. Once you get close, you’ll see a purple beamed lighting bolt in a circle. Storm Circles

When you see it, run up to it as quickly as you can. You don’t have to search it, so if the ghost is clear, keep trucking. Avoiding all altercations is recommended since you have to do this three times to complete it.

I was lucky because my first center was in Retail Row, near house that I can duck off into once I did what I had to. If your center circle is somewhere in Anarchy Arces or in the middle of a field, then you’ll probably have no choice but to fight. But if no one sees you, keep going until you get somewhere safe.

Just like me, 28 other people were on their way to the center, trying to complete this challenge. It felt pretty good to get this far, though it was nerve-racking. If you can, wait it out near the first center circle so that you don’t have far to travel when the next one comes.

Just rinse, wash, and repeat for the next two storm circles.

Be Courteous

Courteous? In Battle Royale?? I must be losing my mind, but hear me out. My first time trying to complete this left me the target of someone who had finished the first part. It’s really no fun when people are waiting to kill you while you’re trying to complete this challenge. So be kind and understand that others are just trying to do the same thing you are.

After that round, I started another one because that’s what I do. I was on my way to the second storm circle while following someone else. I could’ve killed them, could’ve danced on all their fallen goods. But I didn’t, I actually let them pass to get what they needed. We went our separate ways, though I placed a trap near me just in case they decided their kindness was overrated. They never came and I proceeded to go to my third center.

Now after completing this challenge, everyone’s free game. So play on.