What Players Think Of Fortnite’s Solo Showdown

Bryana Gage  /   May 21

What Players Think Of Fortnite’s Solo Showdown

Credit: Vikkstar123

Fortnite’s Solo Showdown was live for a couple of days and ended this morning. Since it’s release, players have been competing for a chance to win those delicious prizes. While others are content with enjoying the competition and getting their unique spray.

Solo Showdown is Epic’s first stab at a competitive mode, giving players a different experience from 50v50. This mode demands strategy and alertness. Since it’s fairly new to the Fortnite scene, players are sharing their thoughts on the limited time (4-day-only) mode. Here’s what they have to say:

It’s Competitive But Then It’s Not

Players are praising Solo Showdown for its competitiveness. It gives skilled players a chance to see how they match up against others.

The problem is that there’s a prize to win. Some weren’t actually trying to compete, they were hiding until the end. The ranking is determined by where you placed in each match. So, you can camp to the end with no kills and still have a shot at winning. Although the ranking seemed like anyone could win, that was the complete opposite. Each player that ranked in the top 100 won majority of their games. Players assumed that if they forgoed playing the game in exchange for surviving to the end that they just might place. This led to a game of some tryhard and most camping casuals.

Because of this, players thought placement should be decided by how many kills you have instead of how long you can survive. It probably wouldn’t have changed the outcome of the top 100 but it would have forced players to fight instead of hiding. Now that would’ve been a truly competitive mode.

Take it from me, hiding in a bush until the end is boring and a waste of time. You’ll have more fun by experiencing the action – not watching it. Which brings me to my next point.

The Ultimate Learning Experience

This is a competitive mode, but some players weren’t playing to win – they want to learn. If you’re trying to become a building master, 50v50 is perfect because of the increased material and having half the map to practice. There’s nothing better. Now that you’re a building pro, Solo Showdown was the place to go to get better at fighting.

Instead of camping in bushes until the end, players developed strategies and joined the fight. If you’re focused on getting better this time around, then you’ll stand a fighting chance when it comes back. Because let’s face it, Epic will do this again.

Players recommended watching replays to learn why you died so that you can avoid that mistake, or get better at it.

Not Worth The Trouble

The rewards for the top 100 is V-bucks. The reward for everyone who played 50 games is a spray.

The time it would take to complete 50 matches in four days only to receive a spray doesn’t motivate anyone. I’ll admit, I wanted to complete all the matches but I don’t use the sprays that I have now, so I didn’t even bother.

The mode left as quick as it came but I’m excited to see what v2 would involve. Maybe the incentives would have players up all day trying to get their prizes. Or maybe not. I’m sure that Epic took the data from this version and will come back with a mode that’ll knock our socks off.