Fortnite’s New LTM Mode Solid Gold v2 Is Addicting

Bryana Gage  /   May 22

Fortnite’s New LTM Mode Solid Gold v2 Is Addicting


Solid GoldFortnite’s v4.2 content update was released this morning and with it are some juicy new additions to the game. The update brought jetpacks and two LTM, Solid Gold v2 and Close Encounters which will be available May 25. Solid Gold v2 is the only legendary weapons mode and I can’t stop playing it.

How It Works

Basically, all weapons are legendary. Epic tweaked the drop rate allowing players to easily find hand cannons and suppressed pistols on the floor or rooftops. While SCARS in this mode are plentiful, it, miniguns, and sniper rifles can all be found in chests. Although it is extremely rare to find a heavy shotgun, rocket launcher, or grenade launcher in a chest, you can find them in supply drops. Luckily, you’ll only find pistols on the floor, not in chest or supply drops.

Even in supply drops, you’ll have a rough time finding a heavy shotgun. This mode isn’t dedicated to shotguns, that’s what Close Encounters is all about. Though another weapon that I haven’t seen drop very often is the new burst assault rifle.

Besides weapons, Epic also increased the stone and metal drop rates to 60 and 90 per pickup, respectively. It’s completely logical that they’ll let us farm the heavy material against some pretty powerful weapons.

On the flip side, Epic increased drop rates of Chugs, Slurp Juice, Shields, all Special Grenades, Launch Pads, and Campfires. While simultaneously decreasing common grenades, Spike Traps, and Bandages.

All of this leads to a hectic mode of solid gold weapons against solid fortresses and players who either have the health to win against them – or don’t.

How It Plays

It plays like any squad mode, you wait for the storm circle and kill everyone until the very end. It isn’t a solo mode, but it’s better this way. Though it does have some perks: the material you get that you’re not gathering yourself is 90x wood, 60x brick, 30x metal. The material balances itself out, you get more metal when you gather it yourself, but you get more wood when you pick it up off the ground. Also, all vending machines give legendary weapons.

The only downside is that there isn’t a gun players leave behind. So, if you’re struggling to find a weapon where you’re at, you’ll just have to hope your teammates have some to spare.

You can also find a Jetpack in a chest. They’re like the hot rocks expect they give you even more mobility. And plus they’re just all around fun to play with. Read the v4.2 patch for more deeds on it.

Why I Can’t Stop Playing It

The mode itself is addicting, since all you see it gold. No common, no rare, just legendary. Besides that, I never can find a SCAR or legendary Sniper Rifle on my own, so I’m having a blast playing with them while I can.

If you’re like me and love getting legendary weapons and actually using them in battle, you’ll love this. Though I’m not sure more than me.