Fortnite Battle Royale: Where To Find Salty Springs’ Treasure

Bryana Gage  /   May 17

Fortnite Battle Royale: Where To Find Salty Springs’ Treasure

It’s another week of challenges which means we’re going on a treasure hunt. Unlike last week where we had to search between objects, this time around we have to follow a treasure map in Salty Springs.

Salty Springs is a quiet little neighborhood between Dusty Divot and Fatal Fields. Well, maybe not quiet since there are always soldiers shooting each other in the streets. But, it looks peaceful. If you’re channeling your inner pirate and want to find your treasure by yourself, then I’ll tell you how to find the map.

The treasure map is in a tiny brick building in the Western part of Salty. You’ll see it on a wall inside the building next to the door.

Salty Springs Treasure Map

On it is a bunch of squiggly lines, a red X to mark the spot, and a compass to show you where to go. There’s only one place on the map that has these exact same squiggles and that the racetrack to the East.

Salty Springs Map

The directions are pretty self-explanatory. You go East of Salty Springs, which is to the racetrack and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

The challenge doesn’t specify that you need to go directly from Salty to the racetrack to get your 10 Battle Stars. You just need to pick up the treasure. So, you can go straight to the location marked on the map to get what you need. Everyone will be trying to complete this challenge so prepare to fight. You can drop by the crater or the house near the racetrack before going to the spot.

The Treasure

Once you get to the racetrack, go towards the Southeastern part in front of a big tree. It’s the only tree at the back of the track. Your treasure is Southwest of the tree on a patch of grass in front of some tires.

Salty Springs

That simple? Yup, the treasure maps only want you to look at the map and follow the compass. It’s not extensive work at all, so go get your treasure and take down a couple unsuspecting souls on the way!