‘Search Between A Bench, Ice Cream Truck, And A Helicopter’ Location and Map In Fortnite

Bryana Gage  /   May 22

‘Search Between A Bench, Ice Cream Truck, And A Helicopter’ Location and Map In Fortnite

Week 4 challenges are live and with them comes our normal treasure hunt. Instead of following a treasure map, we’re searching between three objects: a bench, ice cream truck, and a helicopter. Completing this HARD challenge will get you 10 Battle Stars and closer to Battle Tier 100, where skins beyond our wildest imagination lie.

Where To Search

The best part about this challenge is that it isn’t hard at all. Epic’s basically giving you 10 free Battle Stars because there’s only one place with a crashed helicopter. The helicopter’s in part of the new film set in Moisty Mire, which is possibly the dreariest area to land. The helicopter should feel like a trip down memory lane because that’s where one of the film cameras was pointing at. It’s in the Southern edge of Moisty Mire, between a green screen and film camera on some tracks.

The ice cream truck is tipped over in the water in the Southeast section of Moisty Mire. I decided to complete this challenge while playing 50v50, but any squad mode will do. Everyone will be trying to complete this challenge, so you’ll want to find a chest. And lucky for you, there’s one near the helicopter and on the ice cream truck.

The bench is in the Western Part of Moisty Mire and Southeast of the newly remodeled prison. Next to it is a lamppost. From this vantage point, you can see the ice cream truck, cooling off in the water.

Between all of those is what you’re looking for. Just South of Moisty Mire, you’ll see a big tree on a small cliff. Next to cliff on the ground that’s at an equal level to the swamp water is an area where grass¬†refuses to grow. When you walk up to it, your treasure will appear.

If you’re still having trouble finding it, here’s a map directing you to its exact location.

As a disclaimer, you don’t have to visit each object to receive your battle stars. If it pleases you, you can head straight there to search it and leave Moisty Mire just as quickly.