Epic’s Fortnite Mobile: Updates

Travis Mccrackin  /   May 21

Epic’s Fortnite Mobile: Updates

Epic Games released an article Friday addressing concerns that Fortnite Mobile users have had since its release on iOS a few weeks ago.

Fortnite Mobile
Epic Games

Last week they released the customizable HUD.

One of the biggest requests was for the ability to customize the HUD in mobile. Epic delivered last week with the release of the update encouraging users to let them know what they thought.

Fortnite mobile
Epic Games

Upcoming Updates to Fortnite Mobile Include…

Voice Chat – Epic is working to enable voice chat on its mobile version regardless of platform. They are also working to make it easy to mute yourself and others.

Gameplay and Controls – Epic is working on making the game as user-friendly as possible. upcoming updates include improvements to the auto-run feature and better ways to fire.

Installation and Updates – Epic promises to compress the rather large download files and to make overall patch sizes smaller. They’re also adding a feature that allows you to download them in the background.

Performance – Epic plans to offer a Battery-Saver mode that allows better performance at a lower graphics setting. They are also fixing the code to allow for better graphics. 

Stats – Working to update their servers so that they can handle all the new players, Epic says they want to be sure their servers can handle the load.  They plan to release this feature before the end of the Summer.

Stability – Saying that stability is “…still one of our chief concerns” Epic is fixing bugs and crashes with every update. They ask you to report any issues you experience.

Fortnite Mobile on Android – No, they haven’t forgotten about it! Epic still plans to release Fortnite Mobile on Android before the Summer’s out!

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