Epic Announces E3 Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am Roster

Travis Mccrackin  /   May 22

Epic Announces E3 Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am Roster

E3 is already a huge event. What could make it bigger? How about a Celebrity tournament? Maybe a Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am? That’s right. The biggest names in entertainment, sports, and gaming are coming together to play Fortnite. 50 teams of 2 will compete for $3,000,000 to be donated to a charity of the victors’ choosing… But who’s playing?

fortnite celebrity pro-am roster

Official Fortnite Celebrity  Pro-Am Roster 

*UPDATE- 20 more names released! Keep on scrolling to see!

At Epic Games, they’ve always been masters of suspense, but they got me again today when I heard about the release of a tournament roster for the E3 event. I excitedly head over to their news page... And only see 10 names. Well played, Epic, well played. We’ll keep adding to the list as it rolls out, so check back often!

celebrity pro-am roster
First 10 Names On The Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am Roster