Double Trouble – A Duo Strategy Guide to Fortnite

Travis Mccrackin  /   May 14

Double Trouble – A Duo Strategy Guide to Fortnite

Games are generally better when played with friends. It’s no different with Fortnite: Battle Royale… Until you and your teammate come under fire and s/he’s off tagging the nearest tree or dancing with a llama pinata. Next thing you know they’re down. Now you have to leave your freshly built shelter to revive them and BAM! Now you’re down too… Game Over. Better luck next time! Sounds like your partner should have read this Duo Strategy Guide…

Fortnite Duo strategy centers around cooperation. Who would have thought? It’s far removed from the every man for himself routine in solo. It also differs from squads in that you only have one teammate. It’s you and them. If one of you dies the other will be at a decided disadvantage. You’ll need to build together, cover one another, and coordinate each move you make in order for the both of you to reach Victory Royale alive.

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So You Still Wanna Get Hitched…

Hey, I don’t blame you. It can get lonely out there. The need for companionship is a real one. You’ll get no judgment from me… Ok, so I’m silently judging you. Fine. I’ll make it up to you and your new belle or beau by giving you some tips that will keep your nuptial bliss from becoming engulfed in frustration… Hopefully.

Dropping In

God forbid anybody discusses this before they’re about to jump off a bus. There’s no room for indecision here. This is NOT deciding where to get food. This is life or death. Pick a spot you both feel comfortable with, and get to the ground quickly. That way you have time for a dance or two before you get to work. Now gear up and get moving!


As with any relationship, communication is key. If you see an enemy call it out. You don’t have to be ridiculously descriptive, give a direction and a landmark. Don’t go rushing off to engage on your own, wait for your partner, and take ’em down together. And then shoot ’em if you have to.


You get knocked down… But you get up again… They’re never gonna keep you down… I’m deeply sorry for that, it was a compulsion I could not resist. Now everyone gets knocked down sometimes. No decent partner minds reviving their other half… Sometimes. If you’re always on the receiving end of being revived you can bet your partner is cursing your name. Reciprocate. Give back. Go down. Wait, scratch that last part, I was thinking of something else.


Ok, so you and boo are doing well. Got some kills. Made it to the top ten. You had better be asking yourself one question right about meow. And, giiiiiiirl, that question is: “Can he build me a house tho?” But seriously, coordinate when building. Keep one another up to speed on available materials, especially if you’re running low. Which brings us to our next point…

Buildings and Castles in Fortnite: Battle Royale - Epic Games
Buildings and Castles in Fortnite: Battle Royale – Epic Games

Sharing is Caring

Don’t groan… It’s true… Unless you’re talking about parasites or infectious diseases, you can keep that ish to yourself. If you see your partner in need of something and you have extra, just drop it, they’d probably do the same for you.

Alright, time’s up. Our couples ther- I mean this duo strategy guide is over.  Squirlz out. *mic drop*