Close Encounters Mode Came and Went – What Happened?

Daniel Mills  /   May 27

Close Encounters Mode Came and Went – What Happened?

Close Encounters Mode came and went yesterday. The new Mode didn’t last long before developer Epic Games pulled it. Players were able to use a small loophole in the mechanics to win matches, thus making the game unfair. But the Mode had a lot of potential.

The Mode featured Jetpacks and Shotguns only. Simple enough, right? Well, it turns out players were taking advantage of an entertaining but ridiculous technique: Sky Bases.

Players were building MASSIVE forts in the air. Basically negating the limited range of the Shotguns everyone is using. The Mode was removed very quickly, but before it was this was probably how most players utilized the new Mode.

It seems fine, but that’s going to get tired. Fast. When Epic created a mode with only Jetpacks and Shotguns, the last thing they probably thought was that players would build into the sky.

But that’s part of the fun, isn’t it? Giving players the ability to fly will only make them want to do it more. Creating Sky Forts like these shouldn’t be a way for players to camp and cheat. It should be the way they play.

Close Encounters of the Flying Kind

Sky Forts aren’t the problem. The ground is the problem. Jetpacks aren’t as useful as most players would like. Featuring only a limited charge. But creating Sky Forts like these is a way to traverse and fly around an entirely new battlefield. A lot of Matches have players scattered and hiding. What does it matter if they do it above everyone in the Sky?

Well, apparently it was enough for Epic to announce they pulled the Mode on their Twitter account.

On Reddit, fans expressed their dislike about the decision. A few people claimed they never experienced a problem, more people talked about never getting a chance to play the Mode at all. Epic quickly replaced the Mode with Solid Gold, which has already been around for a number of days.

Jetpacks and Shotguns just sounds awesome. The problem was the perceived nature of cheating. Or, more likely, players spent time building and exploring the skies rather than killing each other. No one wants to play in continuous Matches that last longer and longer. It’s frustrating, especially when newbies are getting used to a relatively lengthy game of Fortnite: Battle Royale. 

Hopefully, Epic Games can work out the kinks. Close Encounters deserves a comeback.